Micoli is Handmade by Italian Artisans,
in exclusively Italian materials.


A Brand / Story /:

Having been a dancer for the greater part of my life, I was inspired to create bags that considered how to facilitate movement, grace and elegance, through functional design.

Ultimately, finding that Movement was my enduring Muse for Micoli.

The brand’s core philosophy of designing for the modern woman is organized around the principles of dance, the discipline and rigor of this art form, and an understated elegance matched by intelligent design with precise construction.    

MICOLI prides itself on being for a woman appreciates practical yet refined shapes, materials with a tactile sensuality, a dynamic sense of order, and a simplicity that dialogues with her body and demanding lifestyle.


#What do you do with your hands?

A willingly humorous probe into what women would be doing if they are not handling, guarding or managing their handbag.                                                      

I love to receive photos or notes from those who appreciate MICOLI, in how they use their bags, and any desires they may have for the future collections. Please keep in touch; info@micolistudio.com

Lastly, as I’m proud to have been growing this brand slowly, with a study in sustainable practices, I invite you to see the separate page dedicated to Sustainability.

With love from Florence,