MICOLI is a design studio creating Knitwear and Handbags, Made in Italy. 

Inspired by Neorealist film in postwar Italy, Director Catherine Micoli sees beauty as simple, in the moment, and lies in the expression of one’s Gestualitá, or body language. 

Creating forms directly on the body, and patterns first in Origami, she is obsessed in making things light, and in harmony with one’s movements

She asks, #whatdoyoudowithyourhands, insisting that the answer is far more interesting when not guarding your handbag. Simply, any moment or action can feel like a Dance

Given the usage of Italian Silk and Tuscan Leather, the pureness of shape, and their sleek lack of metallic components, the collection of Handbags reveals a certain Sensual Minimalism. Made in partnership with artisans who Handcraft each piece, in Florence Italy. 

First launched in Fall 2016 with Luisa Via Roma in Florence, Italy and now for the first time stateside with Opening Ceremony in NY and Los Angeles.