Catherine Micoli                                                                      

Micoli Bags are Handmade by Italian Artisans


A Brand / Story /:

Having been a dancer for the greater part of my life, I was inspired to create bags that considered how to facilitate movement and grace through intelligent design.

The brand’s core philosophy of designing for the modern person is organized around the principles of dance, the discipline and rigor of this art form; an understated elegance matched by functionality with precise construction.    

MICOLI prides itself for creating a dynamic sense of order and simplicity which dialogues with one’s body and demanding lifestyle.

#What do you do with your hands?

A willingly humorous probe into what women would be doing if they are not handling, guarding or managing their handbag.                                                      

A / Sustainable / Focus:

MICOLI produces in small quantities and offers Preordering so that there is no waste, no sell off, and making your bag is a limited edition, every time. 

MICOLI now offers a Nappa Leather that is free of all harmful metals typically used in the tanning process. 

MICOLI packaging is made from 100% regenerated cotton and 100% recycled paper.

Patterns are designed to minimize waste. Metallic components are intentionally limited so that there is less galvanization necessary. Working towards an evermore sustainable future.

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