A / Sustainable / Future:

The conversation on Sustainability is of the essence.
In an effort to give you a transparent view into why, and how, MICOLI is taking this into consideration.

Overproduction is an understated problem.
MICOLI produces in extremely small quantities and holds tight to Preordering so that there is no waste, no sell off, and only happy customers. This also makes your bag, a limited edition, every time.

Packaging is so beautiful, but can feel a bit wasteful if it goes in a bin.
MICOLI boxes are made of 100% Recycled Paper from the inner core to the outer gorgeous colors. The boxes are also Made in Italy, by artisans.
The cloth bag that accompanies the box is there to store and protect your handbag; that is, if you ever take yours off. Claims have been made that the Cinta becomes a part of ones body, and nearly makes it into the shower.
The cloth bag is made of 100% regenerated Cotton.

MICOLI bags use as little metal as possible. The signature closure is a Knot construction, both for beauty and intention. Metal can be heavy for your body to carry, and more so, the galvanization process contains toxic chemicals which coat and finish the metal.

MICOLI bags use Italian Nappa Leather which uses the least amount of chemicals as possible to fix the color.  Together with the tannery, we are in the midst of developing a Signature Leather that has the same soft finish but is 100% Naturally treated, to be released in 2019.

As MICOLI evolves, my mission is to deliver a product which is useful, desirable, and comfortable, but that those goals are never mutually exclusive to an increasingly sustainable agenda.